About Art Chesmore & Paul McCormick

It has been said that "travel is the best form of education. "We believe that the best way to learn about a destination, its people and its history, is to experience the destination with a Certified Tourist Guide.  ExperienceLasVegas is your source for exceptional personalized vacation.

The professional tourist guides that chose the BEST tours for you to experience..

Art Chesmore

  • We are experienced Certified Professional Tourist Guides;
  • We take pride in our knowledge of the destinations we escort clients;
  • We provide tours of enrichment, and experiential learning;
  • We give clients the opportunity to be enriched in cultural, human and natural history at the pace of their choosing;
  • We create and deliver the most enjoyable and memorable vacation experience, and favorable lifetime memories for our clients.

Art and Paul Yuma Prison

Paul McCormick

We are committed to your satisfaction. We communicate with you; evaluate your interests, your needs, your vacation time frame, and your budget. The result is your personalized custom designed private tour.

Expect superior service, quality products, affordable price, and excellent value. Request LasVegasPrivateTours.com to fulfill your next guided tour experience. We will meet and exceed your expectations. We look forward to showing you Las Vegas and Southwest USA.

Our Mission:
  • We want you to know the places you visit;
  • We help travelers observe, learn, enjoy and appreciate the America Southwest;
  • We inform and educate travelers on human, cultural and natural history in the America Southwest;
  • We enrich and enhance traveler experiences through dissemination of accurate and factual information about destinations in the America Southwest;
  • We counsel travelers in planning, and assist in selecting experiential experiences that best meet their personal interests and vacation goals;
  • We commit to matching your interests; your desired destinations, attractions and activities; your schedule; and your budget with the most memorable guided tour experience.

Whether you are an experienced or a new traveler, your comments are welcome. Send us a message Contact Us.